All Technology LG Bikini: Sexy Phone Ads

LG Bikini: Sexy Phone Ads

LG has the perfect excuse for featuring bikini-clad models in the ad campaign for their KF600 phone. See, LG has (ingeniously) named the phone model, the Bikini.

The LG Bikini is actually a revamped version of the LG Venus. The main upgrade over Venus is the HSDPA and Rev A EVDO 3G network support.

Other features include 240×320 QVGA display with a Touch-sensitive InteractPad beneath it, 3 megapixel camera with auto focus, Bluetooth 2.0 and USB connectivity.

As you can tell by the two rectangles drawn in some of the ads, the name inspiration comes from the top and bottom displays, which are similar to the top and bottom of a two-piece bikini. Ahhhh, I guess¬‚¦ Letªs forget about these minor details and focus on the big picture: a picture of super hot females wearing bikinis.

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