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The London Bromton Bicycle

Amongst collectible bicycles and their abstract designs, one icon which stands tall is the Brompton bike, which still gathers eye-balls for its rather unconventional design frame work. After creating special edition innovations like the foldable cycle and the 24-carat gold-plated S2L edition cycle, Brompton will now present itself as a Vic Lee inspired London Brompton edition to be unveiled at the London Bike Show. Featuring a special black body with unique graphics, the bike will see only 500 units ever made, making it a collector’s item other than being just another bike on the block.


Brompton London Limited edition bicycle

Brompton London Limited edition bicycle
 Based in Clerkenwell, Vic Lee has worked on certain new designs for the Brompton bike in Brompton World Championship 2011. Then in joint collaboration with the company, Mr. Lee decided to create these limited bicycles, which shall be on display at the upcoming bike show in London. Describing the experience, he mentions:


I initially worked with Brompton on a one-off, hand-drawn design for the prize bikes for the 2011 Brompton World Championship. These got a lot of attention so we started to investigate if there was any way we could do something similar on slightly large scale. I have been creating this style of London-inspired schemes for a couple of years now; it is great to see this translated into the London Brompton.”

Speaking of the special additions, there is the flap bag on the vinyl graphic decorated front carrier, which has been designed by Vic himself. Apart from that, the frame features a special black paint and artwork relating to vintage calligraphy depicted the love of the London city, black mudguards with leather Brooks grippers and B17 saddle, all of which is the same shade of black. Each of the individual buyers will be given a certificate of authenticity along with a signed picture of the bike, created by the designer himself.



Brompton London Limited edition bicycle artwork

Brompton London Limited edition bicycle artwork

Just in case one begins to bother about how much demand there is, we are told that the 500 units have already been booked by the company’s trade partners for sale. This means, if you have the $2,259 (£1,475) with you and have a taste for such classic collectibles, you might as well take a shot at the bike early.


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