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Aquarius Planetarium Watch

Most of the complicated timepieces we have noticed till date generally bring in multiple time-zones on to a common platform, and even moon-phase in some cases. But bringing in a whole new planetarium on to a wristwatch is the Aquarius Planetarium watch, created by Dutch designer Christiaan Van Der Klaauw. What is now being called the world’s smallest functioning planetarium, this timepiece is known to track the whole solar system with the sun and 6 planets around it, apart from displaying time. Featuring extensive astrological designs on the dial, and a being a part of 12 exclusive timepieces, this is perfect horological melting pot of astronomy and astrology.


Aquarius Planetarium watch by Christian Van Der Klaauw

Aquarius Planetarium watch by Christian Van Der Klaauw
 Housed in a platinum casing which is 40mm wide, the dial features extensively detailed artwork in pure white gold, featuring an astrological sign, which in this case is Aquarius. At the 12 ‘o’clock position is the multi-ring planetarium, which has the sun at the centre around which the planets of the solar system are shown revolving. Outside the planetarium rings are the various astrological positions marked in black on a metallic finish base. On the other hand, the 5 ‘o’clock position sees a round dial with a thin matte finished arm, pointing out to the month of the year, along with the relative position of the sun. The hours, minutes, and seconds also are displayed through similar looking thin arms, which virtually seem disappearing into the extensively prominent astrological artwork.


Aquarius Planetarium watch by Christian Van Der Klaauw

Aquarius Planetarium watch by Christian Van Der Klaauw


Under the hood, the timepiece has a CK1196 caliber movement, which has a self-winding mechanism with a built in planetarium module. The rotor of the watch however, will be visible at the case back, which itself has been created with 18-carat gold, and also has been hand engraved by Jochen Benzinger. The strapping presumably will be exotic leather; just that it’s not known which particular variety. For those waiting to know what the other watches in the astrological series look like, you would have to wait when some of the rich-folks order them to make as a custom creation. In all, there will only be 12 of these timepieces, the Aquarius being one of them. The price tag attached is €79,500 ($103,955) for each of these collector watches, which will be every horological addict’s indulgence.

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